Unit 6 Do you like bananas水平测试及答案

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Unit 6 Do you like bananas? 水平测试









( )21. This is _______ apple, and that is _______ pear.

A. a; a     B. a; an      C. an; a    D. an; an

( )22. ______ dessert, he eats ice cream.

A. In      B. To       C. Of      D. For

( )23. —Jane, ______ your brother like oranges?—No, he only likes apples.

A. is       B. are      C. do      D. does

( )24. To keep (保持) ______, John plays sports every day.

A. last     B. healthy  C. boring    D. difficult

( )25. —Let’s have some ______. —OK. I like fruit.

A. bananas    B. hamburgers   C. eggs   D. chicken

( )26. Can you ________ the strawberries to me, Mom?

A. have     B. bring    C. watch    D. eat

( )27. They have ______ desks and chairs.

A. a lot   B. a lots  C. lot of    D. lots of

( )28. —_______ do you like? —Ice cream.

A. What   B. How    C. Where    D. What color

( )29. Bill ______ soccer, but he doesn’t ______ basketball.

A. like; like  B. likes; like   C. like; likes  D. likes; likes

( )30. —Do your parents like chicken? —______. But I like it.

A. Yes, we do   B. No, we don’t   C. Yes, they do   D. No, they don’t



    My name is Alice. I 31 two brothers. Their (他们的) 32 are Peter and Paul. Peter and Paul like 33, and they eat chicken for lunch every day. But I like vegetables and fruit. Vegetables and fruit are good for my health (健康). I eat 34 every day. So I am healthy.

     Peter and Paul also 35 dessert. Their favorite (最喜欢的) dessert is 36 . But ice cream is not good for their health. They can’t 37 ice cream every day. My favorite food 38 apples and tomatoes. I eat apples for 39 every morning and tomatoes for dinner every 40.

( )31. A. have       B. take      C. need       D. watch

( )32. A. sports      B. photos    C. names      D. numbers

( )33. A. carrots     B. pears     C. salad       D. chicken

( )34. A. it         B. them       C. us        D. they

( )35. A. like       B. lost        C. spell       D. thank

( )36. A. bananas    B. ice cream   C. tomatoes   D. French fries

( )37. A. look       B. bring       C. eat       D. found

( )38. A. am        B. is          C. are       D. Be

( )39. A. breakfast  B. lunch       C. dinner    D. food

( )40. A. morning    B. noon       C. afternoon  D. evening




    Bill is an English boy. Here are his meals(饭) for a day. Let’s look at what he has for the meals.

Meals                  Time(时间)            Food

Breakfast               7:00-7:30           Eggs and apples

Lunch                  11:30-12:30         Hamburgers and broccoli

Afternoon tea (下午茶)    15:30-16:00         Cakes (蛋糕) and bananas

Dinner                 18:00-19:00         Chicken and carrots


( )41. Bill has ______ meals a day.

A. two    B. three   C. four    D. five

( )42. Bill may (可能) have breakfast at ______.

A. 6:45    B. 7:15    C. 7:40   D. 8:00

( )43. What does Bill have for afternoon tea?

A. Eggs and apples.    B. Hamburgers and broccoli.

C. Cakes and bananas. D. Chicken and carrots.

( )44. At __________, Bill can eat vegetables.

A. breakfast and lunch   B. breakfast and dinner

C. lunch and dinner     D. lunch and afternoon tea

( )45. Which of the following is NOT true (下列哪项陈述是错误的)?

A. Bill is an English boy.  

B. Bill has eggs and apples for breakfast.

C. Bill has afternoon tea for 30 minutes(分钟).

D. Bill doesn’t eat meat (肉).


    My name is Dave. I have three good friends, Jack, Tom and Jim. Jack, Tom, Jim and I like different (不同的) food for breakfast. Jack likes cakes, Tom likes fruit, Jim likes eggs and I like vegetables. We all (都) like hamburgers for lunch. We eat hamburgers for lunch every day. Jack, Tom and I also like French fries, but Jim doesn’t like them. For dinner, I don’t like chicken. But Jack, Tom and Jim do. They all think chicken is very delicious (美味的).


46. How many (几个) good friends does Dave have?


47. Who likes fruit for breakfast?


48. What do Dave and his good friends all like for lunch?


49. Does Jim like French fries?


50. What doesn’t Dave like for dinner?




51. He eats two _______ (egg) for breakfast.

52. Barry ______(like) fruit salad.

53. Here are some _______(tomato).

54. They eat _____ (good) and they are healthy.

55. He is a good _______ (run).



56. Does his sister like pears? (作肯定回答)


57. This is an orange. (改为复数形式)


58. I eat apples every day. (把I换成Sally改写句子)


59. He likes ice cream. (改为否定句)


60. Ed plays ball games every afternoon. (改为一般疑问句)



根据上下文, 在横线上填入一个适当的词,将对话补充完整。

A: What kind (种类) of 61. ______ do you like?

B: I like apples, bananas and oranges.

A: Do you like 62. ______?

B: No, I don’t like pears.

A: And what 63. ______ do you like?

B: I like running and playing soccer. 64. ______ are relaxing for me.

A: What about tennis (网球呢)?

B: Oh, I don’t like it. It’s difficult for me. I can’t 65. ______ it.







    要求:1. 语句通顺,语意连贯;2. 不少于40词,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。


Dear Anna, How are you? Let me tell (告诉) you about my three meals every day. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Li Mei


I.翻译句子(每小题2分, 共10分)


  1. 我的弟弟每天都吃苹果。(eat)


2. 他们喜欢沙拉吗?(like)______________________________________

3. 那些是胡萝卜。(those)______________________________________

4. 她不喜欢黑色。(like)______________________________________

5. 午餐你吃什么?(have)______________________________________



    Li Shan, Wang Hong and Zhang Ping are good friends. They like different food. Li Shan is from (来自) Shanghai. She likes dessert, but she doesn’t like carrots. Wang Hong is from Qingdao. She doesn’t like ice cream. She likes noodles and broccoli. Zhang Ping is from Dalian. She likes chicken, vegetables and fruit, but she doesn’t like noodles.

Name        Be From          Like         Dislike(不喜欢)

Li Shan      Shanghai         6. ______       7. ______

Wang Hong8. ______       Noodles and 9. ______   Ice cream

Zhang Ping   Dalian10. ______, vegetables and fruit   Noodles


Unit6  Do you like bananas?水平测试参考答案



I. 21-25 CDDBA   26-30 BDABD

II. 31-35 ACDBA  36-40 BCBAD

III. 41-45 CBCCD   46. Three.   47. Tom.   48. Hamburgers. 

49. No, he doesn’t. 50. Chicken.

IV. 51. eggs  52. likes   53. tomatoes   54. well   55. runner

V. 56. Yes, she does.   57. These are oranges.   58. Sally eats apples every day.

59. He doesn’t like ice cream.   60. Does Ed play ball games every afternoon?

VI. 61. fruit  62. pears  63. sports   64. They  65. play

VII. One possible version:

Dear Anna,

     How are you? Let me tell you about my three meals every day. I like healthy food, and I eat lots of healthy food. I have eggs, milk and bananas for breakfast. For lunch, I have rice, chicken, carrots and broccoli. I like noodles. I have noodles, tomatoes and salad for dinner.


Li Mei


I. 1. My brother eats apples every day.

2. Do they like salad?

3. Those are carrots.

4. She doesn’t like black.

5. What do you have for lunch?

II. 6. Dessert  7. Carrots   8. Qingdao   9. broccoli  10. Chicken

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