Unit 6 Do you like bananas?Period 5 Reading and writing教案

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  Unit 6Do youlikebananas?

  Period 5Readingand writing

  Target language

  1. Words & expressions

  star eat well healthy really question want be fat

  2. Key sentences

  What do you like for breakfast?

  Do you like hamburgers for dinner?

  Ability goals

  Enable students to read themagazine article about Cindy’sfavorite foods for three meals and write five sentences about Cindy’s eating habits and retell Cindy’s eating habits

  Learning ability goals

  Train students’ reading and writing skills

  Moral goals

  Enable students can form good eating habits and keep healthy.

  Teaching important / difficult points

  Key words and sentences

  Train students’ reading and writing skills

  Teaching procedures and ways教学过程与方式

  Step I Revision

  Greet the class as usual.

  Check the homework.

  Step II Presentation

  At first ,the teacher ask Ss some questions:T--- Do you like fruit/eggs/chicken/hamburgers…

  Ss---Yes,I do./No,I don’t.

  T----Does she/he like fruit/eggs/chicken/hamburgers…

  Ss----Yes, she/he does. No,she/he doesn’t.

  Then ask the Ss to discuss which food do they think is healthy?(2a)

  Step IIIReading(2b)

  1. listen to the tape,then answer the questions. Who is the beautiful girl? What is she?

  2.Fast reading

  Ssread the article quickly and circle the food words.

  3.Intensive reading

  Ss read the article carefully and answer the questions:

  a.What does she eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

  b.Why does she like fruit?

  c.Why doesn’t she like hamburgers?

  d.Why doesn’t she eat ice-cream?

  Step IV Writing(2c)

  Write five sentences about Cindy’s eating habits.

  Then give Ss five minutes, ask them to retell Cindy’s eating habits.

  Step V Homework

  1. Memorize the new words in the article andretell Cindy’s eating habits.

  2.Read a story about Lin Shuhao’s eating habits and retell the story.

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